Come feed the rain

Cos I'm thirsty for your love dancing underneath the skies of lust


Hold your breath, entice the love,
Make it yours and sing it loud;
Lullaby’s despair’s my soul,
‘cause you’re the cause of every moan.

Climbing stairs could now become
The new reason for a thought.
Magic spells will work no more,
‘cause love is a real thing
In this world of hide and seek.

My new love, endless mistakes…
But even then I can’t regret
The dream which I chose to live,
The soul for which my dreams begin.

Dead of night just leaves me numb
By the chimney’s fired ground
Loosing trace of what’s outside
I pull back…I’m spacing out
Mind just losses consciousness
When the thought reaches the stairs;
When I see you at the end.
My chest’s fire bursts outside.

That’s the story of my life,
It’s an ups and down alley.

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