Come feed the rain

Cos I'm thirsty for your love dancing underneath the skies of lust

Days are forgotten

~~I’m glad. I’m so fucking glad that it all ended and that I can breath normal, simple, without bursting into tears. And now I am happier. I can laugh all day. But…fuck…I’ve gotten too mature in one year. So now, if I wanna laugh, I need a reason. Everything is covered in reasons. I won’t do any shit without a reason. But, it may be better this way. Some things need a reason to be done. Some people need a reason to love. Some crap needs a reason to be crap. Reasons… I reason most of the things I do or think. At least I’m not superficial, I don’t like and dislike without a proper judgement. I care because I have to, and I ignore because they deserve. You deserve.

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One thought on “Days are forgotten

  1. „Dragă Satana, dacă mi-l aduci pe el înapoi, promit că nu mă mai duc niciodată la biserică. Amin.”
    Pingu’ is evil. And yeah, she reads books once in a while. Stai ca tre’ sa te pun la blogroll .:)) Daca vrea sfantu’ blogger sa miste ceva. :*

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